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Discover five-star Crimea with us

Crimea is a unique region that never ceases to amaze. There are mountains and the sea, waterfalls and caves, palaces and museums, vineyards and lavender fields. We will open new facets of the peninsula to you, even if you have been here a thousand times.

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    Castles & Palaces

    Swallow’s Nest (1912) is a symbol of the Southern Coast of Crimea, located on a 40-meter cliff in the village of Gaspra. Here were filmed episodes of the «Ten Little Indians» movie.

    Livadia Palace (1911) was the summer residence of Emperor Nicholas II, the venue of the 1945 Yalta Conference of the three allied powers: the USSR, the USA, and Great Britain.

    Alupka Palace (1848) was built for Count M.S. Vorontsov from Crimean diabase. From the north, it looks like an English castle, and from the seaside like a Muslim mosque.

    Massandra Palace (1902) is a miniature mansion in the early Baroque style. It had three owners (S.M. Vorontsov, Alexander III, Nicholas II), but none lived there.

    Massandra Palace
    Photo: Y. Yuganson, Massandra Palace

    Yusupov Palace (1909) is located in Koreiz, built by the architect N.P. Krasnov for Prince F. Yusupov. Most of the interiors are in the Art Nouveau style.

    Kharax (1904) was the estate of the Grand Duke Mikhail Nikolaevich in Gaspra, built by the architect N.P. Krasnov «in a modern Scottish taste.»

    Kichkine (1913) was the estate of Dmitry Konstantinovich, the grandson of Nicholas I, in Gaspra. It means «Baby» in the Crimean Tatar language.

    Dyulber (1897) is a palace and park ensemble in Koreiz, built for Grand Duke Peter Nikolaevich according to his sketches made while traveling in the Middle East.

    Photo: L. Yanovich, Dyulber
  • 02

    Parks & Gardens

    Nikitsky Botanical Garden, with about 30 thousand plants, is the most famous of the South Coast parks. It unites nature, history, art, and science. Alexander I signed the decree on its foundation in 1811, and Christian Steven became the first director.

    Located in the village of Partenit, near the picturesque Kuchuk-Lambat Bay, Park «Aivazovskoe» focuses on historical facts, myths, and legends of Crimea. There are corners reminiscent of the staying of Pushkin and Aivazovsky there.

    Photo: park «Aivazovskoe»
  • 03

    Wine Tourism

    Massandra Winery (Yalta, 1894) is the brainchild of Prince L.S. Golitsyn. Seven tunnels carved into the rock create ideal conditions for aging and storing wines. Massandra is in the Guinness Book of Records as the repository of the world’s largest collection.

    Zolotaya Balka (Sevastopol, 1889) is one of the largest wineries in Crimea. It produces wine (sparkling and still) exclusively from its grapes using the most modern equipment.


    UPPA Winery (Sevastopol) is the only biodynamic farm in Crimea. It was founded in 2007 by Pavel Shvets, a wine lover with 15 years of experience as a sommelier. The seedlings for the farm are from one of the best French nurseries.

    Alma Valley (Bakhchisarai) is 180 hectares of vineyards and an ultra-modern plant that produces about 1 million bottles of wine per year. Today its collection includes 24 brands. They differ not only in color but also in composition, strength, and residual sugar.


    Oleg Repin (Bakhchisarai) is an author’s project of one of the best Russian winemakers. He is successfully working to unlock the potential of the Crimean terroirs. The demand for Oleg Repin’s wines significantly exceeds supply. The basic principle of production is to make wine in the vineyard.

  • 04

    Military Heritage (Sevastopol)

    The «Defense of Sevastopol 1854-1855» panorama is a monument to the heroism of the defenders of Sevastopol during the Crimean War. The author is F.A. Roubaud, the founder of the Russian school of panoramic art. Dimensions: painting - 14 x 115 m, subject area - about 1000 sq. m.

    The «Assault on Sapun Mountain on May 7, 1944» diorama is one of the largest works of modern battle painting. It immortalizes the deed of Soviet soldiers who liberated Sevastopol from the Nazi invaders.

    Photo: A. Sklyarenko, Monument to the Scuttled Ships

    The Monument to the Scuttled Ships (1905) is an architectural symbol of the city. Installed near Primorsky Boulevard for the 50th anniversary of the First Defense of Sevastopol, during which Russian sailing vessels sunk «to block the entrance of enemy ships to the roadstead and thereby save Sevastopol» (Admiral P.S. Nakhimov).

    The 35th battery is a fortification on the Chersonese Peninsula in Cossack Bay. The historical and memorial complex immortalizes the heroic defense of Sevastopol in 1941-1942. Its area is about 80 thousand square meters; underground premises occupy 5 thousand square meters.

    Submarine Museum (Balaklava) is based on a former secret anti-nuclear facility intended for shelter and dock repair of submarines. It is located in the rocky massif of Mount Tavros.

    Photo: A. Sklyarenko, Submarine Museum
  • 05

    Crimean Tatar Heritage

    The Khan’s Palace (Bakhchisarai) is the former residence of the Crimean khans. It is the only example of Crimean Tatar palace architecture in the world. The premises include a museum of the history and culture of the Crimean Tatars, an art museum, an exhibition of cold arms and firearms.

    Crimean Tatar Museum (Simferopol) boasts about 10 thousand pieces. The collection includes works of the fine art of the 20-21 centuries, valuable collections of decorative and applied art of the 18-20 centuries, historical material revealing the late medieval period of Crimea, rare postcards, religious books, archaeological and ethnographic collections, photographs and documents.

  • 06

    Wonders of Crimea

    The Valley of Ghosts is a cluster of bizarre rocks on the western slope of the southern ridge of Demerdzhi Mount. Stone figures resemble people, animals, mysterious creatures, objects and change depending on the time and lighting.

    The Marble Cave, open to the public since 1989, is one of the most beautiful karst caves in the world. It is located in the depths of Chatyr-Dag Mountain. Air temperature is about +8° С there.

    Photo: Y. Yuganson, Cable car «Miskhor - Ai-Petri»

    The cable car «Miskhor - Ai-Petri» is in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest unsupported span in Europe (1670 metres). In less than 15 minutes, you climb to an altitude of 1153 metres, from where you can enjoy stunning views of the Southern Coast of Crimea.

    Pink lakes. Sasyk-Sivash Lake is between Evpatoria and Saki, and Koyashskoe Lake is between Kerch and Feodosia, separated from the Black Sea by a narrow isthmus. They are brightest in summer.

    Photo: Y. Yuganson, Wild tulips

    Wild tulips are in large numbers in the Opuk reserve and several places in the steppe Crimea. They blossom in spring, usually in mid-April.

    Wild irises bloom in spring all over Crimea. They can be seen on the Southern Coast, Ai-Petri Mount, in Novy Svet, Balaklava, and Fiolent Cape.

  • 07

    Natural Monuments

    Uchan-Su is the largest waterfall in the European part of the CIS, located 7 km from Yalta. It appears in the form of two silver threads falling from the height of 98.5 meters.

    The Red Cave (Kizil-Koba) is one of the largest limestone caves in Eastern Europe, with a length of about 25 km. In 1825, the Russian diplomat and writer A.S. Griboyedov visited it.

    Dzhur-Dzhur is the strongest and richest waterfall in Crimea, located in the Alushta district, near the Generalskoe village. It is 15 meters high and 5 meters wide.

    Photo: L. Yanovich, Dzhur-Dzhur

    Emine-Bair-Khosar is a karst cave located within the Chatyr-Dag mountain range. It is a vertical-type cave; the natural entrance to it is a well.

    The Grand Canyon is near the village of Sokolinoye, Bakhchisarai district. Its length is 3.65 km, width is from 375 to 5 meters; the maximum height of the mountains, from the bottom to the top, is 372 meters. Here you can see rivers and lakes, baths of youth, and waterfalls.

    White Rock (Ak-Kaya) is a steep 100-meter mountain in the Belogorsk district of Crimea. It appears in many Russian films, in particular, The Headless Horseman, The Man from Boulevard des Capucines, Armed and Very Dangerous, Cabbages and Kings.

    Photo: Y. Yuganson, White Rock
  • 08

    For Children

    «Skazka» is the first private zoo in the CIS, located near the Uchan-Su waterfall. There are more than 100 species of animals and birds. They have become so accustomed to the «southern capital of Crimea» that even the rarest species produce offspring.

    «Polyana Skazok» (Yalta) is an open-air museum of fairy tales. The images of beloved characters, embodied from wood, stone and marble, invite you to meet your childhood.

    The theater of marine animals «Aquatoria» (Livadia) shows the harmony of man and animals and reveals the secrets of the sea. The show involves white whales, a dolphin, a sea lion, a walrus, and a fur seal.

    «Malenkaya Ferma» (Gaspra) is a leisure spot for the whole family, located near the reserve. Here you can chat with animals – goats, sheep, rabbits, ride a pony, create clay things, eat delicious and proper food.

    Crocodilarium (Yalta) is a unique place with the most interesting representatives of the fauna: crocodiles, caimans, snakes, reptiles, turtles, and many others. You can walk alongside some of the world’s most fearsome predators and even feed them.

    Aquarium (Sevastopol) is one of the oldest public aquariums in Europe, the first marine aquarium of the Russian Empire (1897). There are five halls: the first – representatives of coral reefs; the second – the Black Sea and tropical sections; the third – sea and freshwater turtles; the fourth – freshwater species and reptiles; the fifth – dangerous inhabitants of the oceans.

    Lukomorye Eco-Park (Sevastopol). Here you can walk next to the sculptures of folk heroes, visit the zoo corner, go on the rides, visit the Museum of Soviet Childhood and the Museum of Ice Cream History.

    Taigan Lion Park (Belogorsk) is Europe’s largest nursery for various breeds of lions and other animal species, mainly large mammals, predators. Today, 58 lions live freely in the park.

  • 09

    Holy Places

    The Cosmas and Damian Monastery is located high in the mountains above Alushta, on the territory of the Crimean Nature Reserve. Here the holy spring of Cosmas and Damian gushes out of the rock.

    Holy Dormition Cave Monastery is Crimean Athos, founded in the 15th century. It is located a few kilometers from Bakhchisarai, in a rock on the edge of a cliff. During the times of the Crimean Khanate, the monastery was the stronghold of Orthodoxy in Crimea.

    Photo: Y. Yuganson, Foros Temple

    Church of the Resurrection of Christ (Foros) was erected in 1892 on a cliff, 400 metres above the sea. It memorializes the miraculous salvation of Alexander III and his family.

    Holy Trinity Cathedral (Simferopol) is a place of veneration of the most famous Crimean saint, Archbishop Luke (Voino-Yasenetsky). His holy relics rest there.

    Temple-Lighthouse of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker is in memory of those who died on the waters and travelers. It is located in the village of Malorechenskoye near Alushta. The temple stands on a high cliff above the sea and is visible from many points of the Southern Coast of Crimea.

    Photo: Y. Yuganson, Tauric Chersonese

    Tauric Chersonese was founded by the ancient Greeks in the 6th century BC. In the Byzantine era, it became the center of the spread of Christianity. Here, during a victorious campaign against the town, the Kyiv Prince Vladimir received baptism (988).

  • 10

    Mountain Routes

    Tsarskaya (Solnechnaya) trail starts in Livadia and ends above the Swallow’s Nest. Its length is 6,711 metres, and the height above sea level reaches 203 metres. Emperor Nicholas II loved to walk there.

    Botkin trail runs from Yalta on the left side of the Uchan-Su river valley to the Stavri-Kaya rock (4.6 km). Here you will see a pine forest with century-old trees and a breathtaking panorama of Yalta.

    Photo: A. Sklyarenko, Botkin trail

    Shtangeevskaya trail starts at the seventh kilometer of the Bakhchisarai highway near the Uchan-Su waterfall and ends on the Stavri-Kaya rock.

    Taraktash trail (3.5 km) is the shortest descent from Ai-Petri Mount, running along the ravine. A magnificent part of the trail is the passage between the arches of the Taraktash rocks.

    Koreizskaya (Miskhorskaya) trail starts 9 km west of Yalta on the Sevastopol highway and goes to the cable car station. At the end of the route, you can ride horses, visit two caves, in one of which (Three-Eyed) there is snow all year round. An unforgettable view of Big Yalta opens here, from Bear Mountain in the east to Simeiz in the west.

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